We need to figure it out

Im at home trying to figure out  what i can do in this season of social distancing, quarantine, self isolating 

it’s hard to really focus with your kids and family around you but i told myself last week i need to figure it out ASAP!

As a cosmetologist, it is always with great excitement that i go to work each day attending to my clients, making them all beautiful and having great conversations with them.They are like my family and we share so many life experiences together.

First few weeks at home i thought about so many things to do from home , contacted some friends  to share ideas with me on what to do, still was not feeling it, until yesterday night at about 10.45pm i stumbled on my old journal “what to do in 2019” i had written in there to start blogging which i never did, Here I am blogging away….

We all need to figure out what we need to do at these time, the uncertainty of this situation is real, we can only hope it will end soon.

if you have any project on your mind you can start now, join online book clubs or write a book, start a cooking online class, pursue the online career you desire..

Please feel free to comment or suggest !!!

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