Hair Routine For Stronger, Healthy Hair ( Fall / Winter )

Hair is made up of traces of minerals and a type of protein called keratin. Each strand of hair lasts for about 2- 5 years, and is a manifestation of our past health and habits as well as our present care. Repairing damaged hair will not happen overnight, but over time, this routine helps to make your hair healthy and strong.

For this purpose I will discuss routines for fall/winter season.

Shampoo: Your hair type changes often due to climate, so change your shampoo accordingly. Rotate between clarifying shampoo and a hydrating shampoo.

For fall/winter a great hydrating shampoo infuses moisture into your hair and helps to prevent dryness and flaky scalp.

How to apply:

Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage all around your head for a few minutes, Rinse. Repeat if necessary ( shampoo your hair at least once a week)

Condition: Conditioners rebalance the hair and help cuticles to lie smoothly. Choose a product that suits your hair. A good conditioner that nourishes your hair, softens and does not leave any residue.

How to apply:

Apply a generous amount to the full length of your hair, paying attention to the ends, leave it to penetrate for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Hair Mask:

Nourishing or hydrating mask are particularly great during fall/winter. Rich and nourishing conditioners that contain nourishing oils such as argan and jojoba, and often combined with protein, to try to repair the keratin.

How to apply:

Apply after rinsing out the conditioner off your hair, section your hair into four parts, apply and massage from the scalp to the ends of your hair thoroughly. Sit under hair steamer for 20- 25 minutes or if you are at home and don’t have a hair steamer wear a plastic cap for 30mins, before rinsing out thoroughly with cool water. ( use hair mask at least once a week )

PS* make sure you to talk to your hairstylist about any changes you notice in your hair texture

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